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Mostly Letters To Colors That Haunt Me

10 January
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Seems like there’s nothing to do… now that you’re not here to distract me.
So on the subway with Blue, off to the town that drove me to you like bad karma…To remember what started me running in the first place. I’m flipping through her book and I’m resting on her shoulders and realizing that maybe you’re better than me cause I know you were better than us. Did anyone see this coming? Was this an explosion? Catastrophic like with people burning? Or maybe I just out grew you in time for you to be someone else’s hand me downs? You’re as you were, but else where. The electric tube lights and plastic seats are soothing. I’m looking out to the damp and the concrete and the dark. Reminding me that I’m still in here, or out there, even if you’re not. Even if you never miss me at all. And around the corner, I See Jane.
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